Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 Best Books about Travel

5 Best Books is a meme hosted by Cassandra at Every week we have to list our 5 favourites in a particular category. This week the theme is Travel. Here are my 5:

Three Men in a Boat: Never out of print since its publication in 1889, this classic by Jerome K. Jerome is a humorous account of a boating expedition between Kingston and Oxford on the river Thames, undertaken by three friends, to say nothing of the dog, Montmorency.:) This is one book sure to cure you of the blues.

The Lawless Roads: The account of a trip taken by Graham Greene in 1938 to Mexico. The vivid prose depicts a country in turmoil. Though Greene comes across as both prejudiced and contemptuous of other cultures, the journey resulted in his haunting novel:  The Power and the Glory.

Heart of Darkness: Joseph Conrad's epic novella depicting the rape of Africa, the greed of her European conquerors, and a journey to the darkness that resides in one's soul.

Kim: Set against the backdrop of the Great Game between Russia and Britain in Central Asia, Rudyard Kipling's picaresque novel describes the adventures of the Irish orphan Kim (Kimball O' Hara) as he travels the plains and mountains of Hindustan in the company of a Tibetan Lama. Full of spies, intrigues, sorcery, talking parrots, colourful bazaars, this is Kipling at his best.

The Chinese Love Pavillion: Paul Scott's underrated novel is about an English man Tom Brent who is trying to recreate the life of his ancestors in India. He meets a man called Brian Saxby and thus begins a journey that takes him to the jungles of Malaya. Add to this a love story and a mystery that hooks the readers as the story progresses.

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  1. I have KIM sitting here waiting to be read, neer. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    THREE MEN IN A BOAT - good one!

    This is such a fun meme.

  2. Hi Yvette, this truly is fun for list-lovers like us. [Though list-lovers sounds vaguely dirty :)].

    Do read Kim. Its espionage angle will surely appeal to you even if the journey on the Grand Trunk road doesn't.

    It's a wonder that even more than a century later, Three Men in a Boat, doesn't seem dated. Undoubtedly, a classic.

  3. I love The Power and the Glory! I didn't know he'd written an account of his trip to Mexico! That's soooooo going on the list. Thanks!

    Love the list, and I'm glad you're participating. :)

  4. P.S. to both of you... I am so happy that you like the meme. I love hosting it :)

  5. Hi Cassandra

    Glad you liked the list and doubly glad that you love The Power and the Glory.It's an all-time favourite of mine.

    Your meme is an all-time favourite too:)

  6. Oh, I love this list - some of my favorites! I have not read Three Men in a Boat. It's moving to the top of my list! Thanks!

  7. Hi Lit Witch

    Glad you had a look and liked the list. Thanks. do read Three Men in a Boat. It'll have you in splits, for sure.