Monday, October 17, 2011

The Monkey's Paw at Pretty Sinister Books

Since it is the season of Halloween, and people are citing their favourite ghost/ horror/ supernatural stories, I was reminded of one such that I read years ago: W.W. Jacobs' The Monkey's Paw. I was pleased to see John at Pretty Sinister Books refer to the story in a review of his. Since I wanted to read John's take on the story, I requested him to post an article on it. He very graciously complied.

Here's the link to his article:

If you are familiar with John's blog than you know for sure that he writes extremely interesting articles and this one is no exception. And if you are not, than I suggest you become acquainted. Go on, click on the link!


  1. I love John's blog too, neer. I'm always hanging around seeing what old book he comes up. Then I usually list the title on my GIGANTIC TBR list. :)

    Love the cover of this book, by the way. Properly creepy. :)

  2. It's always fun to read his posts.

    GIGANTIC TBR...Lol. What with John, Bev, and you my pile is gigantic too!