Tuesday, October 4, 2011

X Y Z: Intriguing Title, Predictable Story

"But such a party! who ever heard the like in a respectable town like this! It's wicked, that's what I call it, downright wicked to cover up the face God has given you and go strutting around in clothes a Christian man might well think borrowed from the Evil One if he had to wear them in any decent company. All wrong, I say, all wrong...

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Sometimes you select a book just because the title intrigues you. So it was with this book. I found it while scouting round for a book whose title began with an X. That it was a mystery further gladdened my heart. It started off well. A detective while investigating a case of counterfeit notes, inadvertently stumbles upon a family with a secret. Delightful premise but unfortunately the unfolding of the events leaves much to desire and one can guess much of the mystery. The denouement is totally flat. If this seems like a harsh review, it is because I hate stories where a detective's personal likes and dislikes regarding people are reinforced by the ending.


First Line: Sometimes in the course of his experience a detective while engaged in fretting out the mystery of one crime, runs inadvertently upon the clue to another.

Title: X Y Z: A Story told by a Detective

Author: Anna Katharine Green

First Published: 1883


This long story can be downloaded from various sites, I downloaded it from manybooks.net.


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