Friday, December 30, 2011

Pick-Your-A-Thon Mini Challenge # 1

I have signed up for the Pick-Your-A-Thon hosted by The Book Monsters. Details here, at their blog:

Time for their first challenge:

What book(s) are you starting with?

Definitely, a book that has long been on my wishlist.

I hope to read / review:

Finish a novel that I am currently reading and at least one non-fiction book. Would like to review them too.

Books I hope to read / review or at least will try to get to:

Post pending reviews. Finish the books I am presently reading before the 31st.


  1. I decided to do the review part of this Pick-Your-A-Thon challenge. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Alexia for stopping by. Hope you are able to review a lot.