Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vintage Mystery Challenge Complete!

The first reading challenge that I ever signed up for was The Vintage Mystery Challenge hosted by Bev at My Reader's Block. It gives me great pleasure that it is also the first one that I have completed. I read 7 books in all, discovered new authors and some wonderful mysteries.

Thank You Bev for a most pleasurable experience.

1. In the Fog by Richard Harding Davis

2. Murder of a Martinet by E.C.R. Lorac

3. Death in Kashmir by M.M. Kaye

4. Police at the Funeral by Margery Allingham

5. XYZ: A Detective Story by Anna Katharine Green

6. The Wheel Spins by Ethel Lina White

7. The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart

If you want you can still participate in the ongoing challenge or you can sign up for the new year (as I am planning to do).

For details, click here:

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  1. Way to go! And what a great collection of books that you read.