Monday, January 16, 2012

Charles Dickens Month: Edwin, Rosa, and Jasper

This month, I am participating in the Charles Dickens bicentennial celebrations hosted by Amanda at Fig and Thistle. The book that I am reading right now is one that has long been on my wishlist: The Mystery of Edwin Drood. So far, the mystery has been fairly gripping. There are two young people, Edwin and Rosa whose parents (before their demise) had (kind of) wished them to get married. Now the two young people are not really keen on the union but do not want to betray the wishes and memories of their parents. Adding to this problem is Edwin's young uncle, John Jasper, who is addicted to opium, and Rosa. Rosa is aware of it but is unable to reveal anything to Edwin as he is very fond of his uncle. Further developments include a quarrel between Edwin and Neville Landless, a violent young man who has fallen (you guessed it right) in love with Rosa. I fear the worst for young Edwin, whom I rather like, and the mystery to me is how can people be so enamoured of the simpering Rosa. Victorian Men!


  1. This is such a gripping mystery and it KILLS ME that it wasn't finished. By the way, I love that cover... so creepy and atmospheric!

  2. Hi Amanda

    Yes the mystery is good but I am enjoying Dickens' humour too. The cover shows a detail from 'A Moonlight Scene' by Atkinson Grimshaw. You can view some of his paintings over here:

  3. I'm ashamed to say I've never heard of this one! I think I definitely have to pick it up as it looks fantastic. I love when the author puts a good dose of humor in!

  4. Hey there! The master post for the Borrowed Book Challenge is up! Check it out here:

    Thanks :)

  5. Hi Bella. This is Dickens' last book. Do read it. The first chapter is so gripping that it'll simply pull you in.

    Thanks for following the blog.