Friday, January 6, 2012

Reading Challenges # 18, 19, & 20: The Classics

Have signed up for a fair number of mystery challenges, it is time to move on to the Classics. I am signing-up for three.

Sarah at Sarah Reads Too Much is hosting the Back to the Classics challenge for the year 2012. You have to read works in the following 9 categories:

  • Any 19th Century Classic
  • Any 20th Century Classic
  • Reread a classic of your choice
  • A Classic Play
  • Classic Mystery/Horror/Crime Fiction
  • Classic Romance
  • Read a Classic that has been translated from its original language to your language   - To clarify, if your native language is NOT English, you may read any classic originally written in English that has been translated into your native language.  
  • Classic Award Winner  - To clarify, the book should be a classic which has won any established literary award.  
  • Read a Classic set in a Country that you (realistically speaking) will not visit during your lifetime  - To Clarify, this does not have to be a country that you hope to visit either.  Countries that no longer exist or have never existed count.
There is a grand prize at the completion of the challenge.

Further details and sign-up:

The Second, 2012 A Classic Challenge, is hosted by November's Autumn. One has to read 7 Classics (three of which can be a re-read). Here is what the host has written:
Instead of writing a review as you finish each book (of course, you can do that too), visit November's Autumn on the 4th of each month from January 2012 - December 2012.

You will find a prompt, it will be general enough that no matter which Classic you're reading or how far into it, you will be able to answer. There will be a form for everyone to link to their post. I encourage everyone to read what other participants have posted.

Details and Sign-Up:

1. The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens (1870)

The Third Challenge, the Classic Double Challenge, hosted by One Librarian's Book Reviews, will "encourage you to read one older book (classic) and a newer book that relates to the older one in some way.  (BTW, can be any reading level from MG to Adult)."

There are different levels of participation. I am aiming for small, i.e, I read one set of related books.

Details and Sign-Up:


  1. Welcome to the Classic Double challenge! I look forward to hearing about your book choices :-)

  2. Thanks for joining the Back to the Classics Challenge! I am also participating in November Autumn's Classics Challenge as well.

  3. Thanks Melissa. Since I love off-shoots and re=readings I am excited about the challenge.

  4. Thanks Sarah. I look forward to see what you will be reading.