Friday, March 2, 2012

February: A Classics Challenge

This Month's prompt of A Classics Challenge focuses on character.

The classic that I read is The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens. And my favourite character from the book is John Jasper. We first encounter him in an opium den where he is an anonymous, shadowy figure. Later, the author provides us with a description:

Mr. Jasper is a dark man of some six-and-twenty, with thick lustrous, well-arranged hair and whisker. He looks older than he is, as dark men often do. His voice is deep and good, his face and figure are good, his manner is a little sombre.

The author continues: His room is a little sombre, and may have had its influence in forming his manner. It is mostly in shadow.

To me, Jasper remains in the shadows through out.

Perhaps, Jasper could have written this letter to Dickens

Respected Sir,

Why did you do this? The world now thinks I murdered my own nephew, Edwin. How is it possible? Yes, I resented how casually he treated my little Rosebud. But would I go to the extent of killing him? Why would I do it, when I loved him as much as I loved her, if not more? But everybody says I did it. And sometimes I wonder. You see I did take a journey and there was a fellow-traveller...


To read my review of the book, go HERE.


  1. Sounds like an interesting man.

    I'm sat with a cuppa, enjoying your post.

  2. Thanks Debbie for having a look in. Yes, he is definitely interesting. He is the one who gives an edge to the book.