Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dogs

It is 1939. Europe is sitting on a tinder box. The year begins on a tragic note. Nobel Laureate W.B. Yeats, having already witnessed a world war and other dances of destruction closes his eyes forever. Poet
W.H. Auden, having but recently shifted to New York, writes an elegy mourning not only the death of the poet but also of Europe:

In the nightmare of the dark
All the Dogs of Europe bark
And the dying nations wait
Each sequestered in its hate...


The poem can be heard (in Auden's baritone) over here:


Have you ever lived through times of violence? Do share your experience.


Entry for D
(The post got deleted, so posting it again)


  1. Found you through the A to Z Challenge,a nd enjoyed the poem. In response:

    1. Yes I too have a hound, a Beagle named Banjo who is my eternal shadow never more than 2 steps away when I am home.

    2. I served in Iraq, and Banjo was the first one to lick me all over when I got home :-)

    Good luck with the challenge - I hope I can keep up too!


  2. Thanks Paul for visiting. Banjo reminds me of Ulysses' dog, the only one who recognised his master when the latter returned home after twenty years. You must have been overwhelmed by the welcome:).

    Good luck to you too.

    1. Indeed, I had forgotten that story!
      Argos was his name

  3. The fact that he dies moments after seeing his master return home safe adds to the pathos of the story. It was as if his duty was now done.