Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Hafiz

So there I was thinking of a post on Horses when I read a post on Hafiz @ Book Snob. So I decided to share a poem of his too. To the uninitiated, Hafiz was a Persian Sufi poet who lived in the 14th Century.

This was the first poem of his that I read but subsequently have found no reference to it anywhere, so have been wondering. But here it is, nevertheless:

It is not for you to say Hafiz
That the rose is one of God's creations
However heavenly it might smell
You have to think of the time
When you are both dead and gone
And people are interested only in your successors.

Have you read Hafiz? Do share you favourite quotes of his.


Entry for letter H


  1. This is what I like about this blog.....WHO? WHAT?

    So much I don't know..... HO HUM

  2. Thanks Rob for the very encouraging comment.