Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Q is for Quicksilver

Quicksilver was the name given to Indian Revolutionary Chandra Shekhar Azad by his mentor Ram Prasad Bismil for both his agility and volatile nature.

A master of disguise, Azad at times went and sat in police stations and chatted with police officers under the very posters announcing rewards for his arrest.

Here is a cinematic representation of his last heroic stance. True to his words, he shot himself rather than be taken alive. He was not even 25.

Azad hi rahenge

Are there historical figures who inspire you?

Entry for letter Q.


  1. Can't think of any inspirational historical figures. I tend to be more in awe of everyday people I encounter who do extraordinary things. Or anyone who shows kindness to strangers which seems in very short supply these days.

    Better Late Than Never Department: Couldn't find an email link on your profile page so I thought I'd follow up here about that question you had about AN AFTERNOON TO KILL. The city Lance Jones is headed for is Bandrapore. Is that a real place?

  2. Dear John

    Thanks for taking all this trouble. There are many towns in India that end with Pur (or Pore as the British would write). There is a part of Bombay that is called Bandra but Bandrapore...never heard of it.