Monday, June 25, 2012

Wondrous are the Ways of the Web

Yesterday, I got a proper scare. As I was about to sign-out of my blog, I was informed that my blog no longer existed. Panic-stricken, I tried to access my mail, only to be told that as some unusual activity had been detected over there, google had shut all access to it as a precautionary measure. I was asked to provide my phone-number. Wary of it, I waited and waited, while I thought of my labour of love of two years vanishing in a second. Finally, I did provide my mobile number, was sent a code, fed it and lo and behold, the mail-account and blog was back!

Even as my viewed my blog with relief, I found out that it had gained a new follower. AH! Something good, finally as I searched for my new follower....only to realise that I, myself was the new follower!!! I don't know how it happened. And being technologically-challenged, I am not even going to try finding it out. I am just happy having my blog back.

Has it happened to you to? What did you do? Are you having problems viewing the blog?


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  1. You are right to be very wary of these things I often get email saying my account is suspended due to some unusual activity... It is never true they are just trying to get information to access my account.

    I really don't see how a blog could have unusual activity myself so be careful of any other messages and maybe change your password having first ensured your antivirus is up to date.

    I also have everything on my blog backed up in word documents as I tend to write them there first anyway, and copy and paste it....

    1. Rob, I simply don't understand certain policies of the web-managers. Thanks for your suggestions. I have become used to typing everything on blogger itself. Guess, I need to change that.

  2. That is scary indeed! The web is mysterious to me, too. I'm not sure what I would do in similar circumstances.

    1. Jane, those few hours were terrifying. I hope you never have such an experience.

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