Friday, September 27, 2013

Remembering Bhagat Singh

"Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith. Item by item he has to reason out every nook and corner of the prevailing faith. If after considerable reasoning one is led to believe in any theory or philosophy, his faith is welcomed. His reasoning can be mistaken, wrong, misled and sometimes fallacious. But he is liable to correction because reason is the guiding star of his life. But mere faith and blind faith is dangerous: it dulls the brain, and makes a man reactionary."

Thoughts of a man on his birth anniversary. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday's Overlooked A/V: We Can't Turn Back by Aleksander Veljanov

Aleksander Veljanov is a Macedonian born singer associated with the group Deine Lakaien, a band that he co-founded with Ernst Horn in 1985. A former student of film and theatre studies in Munich, Veljanov has a voice much suited to the melancholic undertones of this Dark Wave group. In 2008, Veljenov released one of his most ambitious works: Porta Macedonia. Calling it his " most political and most private work", the album shows the effects of Greek and German culture on Veljanov and presents the Macedonian perspective about world affairs. "The question occupied me," he says, "what is Europe and why there are different categories of Europe".

'We can't turn back' is the second track in the album and has a haunting, mesmerizing quality to it. The guitar strings encapsulate well the relentless march of time. I viewed a few videos of it on YouTube but the one that was the most effective was this Star Trek video by Barbuzuka. 8th Sept, this year, was the 47th anniversary of Star Trek and since this is turning out to be the summer of Star Trek for me, I found it most heart-wrenching to see all of them look so young and vivacious and knowing that Bones, Scotty, and Christine Chapel now only survive in these frames.


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