Thursday, March 6, 2014

A List of Forgotten Books

Last week, I read and reviewed Leslie Ford's The Town Cried Murder. At the end of the book - a Collins reprint - there was not only an ad of Lifebuoy soap, there was also a list of other Collins Reprints. I thought it'd be fun to share it to see how many of these books/ authors one has read.


Immortal Sergeant - John Brophy
Attack Alarm- Hammond Innes
Another Little Drink -Peter Cheyney

Brown Paper Twice - Colin Davy
Shabby Tiger - Howard Spring
St.George on the Dragon - Lord Elton

I Ordered a table for Six- Noel Streatfeild
Over my Dead Body - Rex Stout
Rachel Rosing - Howard Spring
The Smiler with the Knife - Nicholas Blake
Death at the Helm - John Rhode

Mrs. Tim Carries on - D.E. Stevenson
Tadpole Hall-Helen Ashton
Swamp Water - Vereen Bell
Your Deal My Lovely - Peter Cheyney
Hercule Poirot's Christmas -Agatha Christie

She had to have Gas - Rupert Penny
Conquest Marches on - Berkeley Grey
She Faded into Air - Ethel Lina White
The Young Doctor - Elizabeth Seifert
Death and the Dancing Footman - Ngaio Marsh
It Couldn't Matter Less - Peter Cheyney

Leave it to the Conquest - Berkeley Grey
Hudson Rejoins the Herd - Claude Houghton
The Black Gloves - Conyth Little
Double Blackmail - G.D.H and M. Cole
Murder at the Buzzards Bay - Anthony Gilbert
The Clock in the Hat Box - Anthony Gilbert
The Town Cried Murder - Leslie Ford
English Story, First Series - Woodrow and Susan Wyatt
Spear Head - John Brophy

Who Killed the Husband? - Hulbert Footner
Mr. Westerby Missing - Miles Burton
Darkness Falls from the Air - Nigel Balchin


My score is pretty pathetic as I have read merely four of these books: Hercule Poirot's Christmas by Agatha Christie, The Clock in the Hat Box by Anthony Gilbert, She Faded into Air by Ethel Lina White,and of course, The Town Cried Murder by Leslie Ford.

Amongst the authors, I have read other books of Rex Stout, Nicholas Blake, John Rhode, Ngaio Marsh, and G.D.H and M. Cole. Have heard of Hammond Innes, Peter Cheyney, and Conyth Little, the rest are all unfamiliar names.

What about you? How does your scorecard read?


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  1. My score is even lower: Over My Dead Body by Rex Stout and Hercule Poirot's Christmas, which I read last December. I may have read the Nicholas Blake, I read a lot of those years ago. Oh, I missed Death and the Dancing Footman by Marsh, so maybe three, maybe four. An interesting list.

    1. Thanks Tracy. Glad you enjoyed going through the list.

  2. Zero is how my scorecard reads. In the past I've read other books by Hammond Innes and Peter Cheyney. In fact, I'd forgotten about Cheyney altogether until you mentioned him here. I like going through those back-of-the-book list of authors that one usually finds in early Corgi, Pan, and Collins paperbacks. Great post, Neer!

    1. Thanks Prashant I simply cannot leave a list alone. I found the cover of Cheyney's book great and cannot wait to get my hands on it.

  3. You are doing much better than I - the Christie and Stout titles are the only ones I remember (for shame) - thanks - so much to read out there - isn't it great?

    1. Thanks Sergio. There is definitely so much to read but unfortunately there is so little time.

  4. Neeru - What a great idea to check out that list! The Stout, the Christie, the Marsh and a few others were familiar. Some others I'd just heard of, but a lot of them? No. All sorts of things to explore.

    1. Thanks Margot. Glad you liked the idea. It's always always fun to discover new books and authors.

  5. Only five for me. You have the Claude Houghton title (one which I have read) incorrect. It's Hudson Rejoins the Herd. Like you, I've read other books by several of the writers listed: John Rhode, Miles Burton, Marsh, the Coles, Blake, Ethel Lina White, and Hulbert Footner. I have a few of Cheyney's books but have never read them. Same goes for Anthony Gilbert.

    You sell yourself short, neer. If you read my blog you have heard of Hulbert Footner. I reviewed one of his books and have talked about him before. Also, I'm sure you know Ethel Lina White. Curt Evans (The Passing Tramp) has written about her books. She wrote THE WHEEL SPINS which became Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Lady Vanishes.

    1. Thanks for pointing out that typo, John. I'll correct it. Sorry but I must have either missed the Hulbert Footner posts on your blog or the name might not have registered. Ethel Lina White is one of my favourite mystery authors and in fact the post has it that I have read her book: She Faded into Air.

      You really must read Anthony Gilbert. Her Arthur Crook books are real winners.

  6. 5 here: Stout Christie, Marsh, both Gilbert books (I think). I'd like to read the Stevenson, but haven't found a copy.

    1. Welcome to the blog, Richard.

      I am so glad to know that you have read both books by Gilbert. The Clock in the Hat Box deserves to be in the top 5 of all-time great mystery novels.

  7. I know I dont pass often but you are one of the best blogs in this field of interest. . . . .

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much Rob. It's very kind of you.

      And it always makes me very very glad when you drop in. I am looking forward to your A-Z posts.

  8. My score is four. I've read the Stout, the Christie and both of the Berkeley Greys. I read a lot of the Norman Conquest series back in the 1960's. Other books by Hammond Innes, Peter Cheyney, Nicholas Blake, John Rhode, Ethel Lina White, Ngaio Marsh, Conyth Little, Anthony Gilbert, Hulbert Footner,, and at least a short story by Leslie Ford.

  9. That's pretty impressive Ron. I hadn't even heard of Berkeley Grey before and I really want to read Peter Cheyney now.