Friday, May 23, 2014

FFB: Crime Club Titles in 1978

crime club titles: jan-june 1978

A few weeks ago, I read Anna Clarke's One of Us Must Die. At the back of the book was a brief description  of the Crime Club titles published from January to June 1978. How many of these have you read? I am afraid, except for Clarke's book I haven't read any other.


Deep Pocket: Michael Kenyon
Judge Me Tomorrow: Hamilton Jobson
One-Way Ticket: Hartley Howard


An Uncertain Sound: Roy Lewis
Sunk Without Trace: Dominic Devine
A Pinch of Snuff: Reginald Hill


The Foursome: Lionel Black

X Marks the Spot: Michael Butterworth
Daylight Robbery: Martin Russell


Treasure Up In Smoke: David Williams
Dutch Courage: Ritchie Perry
One of Us must Die: Anna Clarke


Counterstroke: Andrew Grave

Unruly Son: Robert Barnard
Last Will and Testament: Elizabeth Ferrars


The Day of the Donkey Derby: Joan Fleming
Sleep in a Ditch: Maisie Birmingham
Garvey's Code: Roger Busby


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  1. I'd do better if the year were 1976 or 1977 and if more of the writers were American. I have never heard of seven of these writers. And guess what? I've read absolutely none of them. Though do I get some points for having read three books by Joan Fleming, two by Andrew Garve and a handful by Robert Barnard?

  2. Neeru - It's so interesting how some authors are very popular at one point, and then just a few decades later, no-one's heard of them. I've read the Hill, but none of the others. Very interesting...

  3. Years ago I read a few by Robert Barnard who I believe had a very long-lived career and only died recently - but that's about it. I haven't read any on your list, Neer. But that doesn't mean I might not come across one or two one of these days. Anything's possible. :)

  4. Thanks John, Margot, and Yvette for having a look.

    Strange how authors and their books fade from public memory. Just the wheel of time perhaps...