Sunday, December 28, 2014

Completed 2014 Challenges

In the year 2014, I signed for a number of challenges, and now the time has come to see how many I have been able to finish.

I have successfully completed:

1. 2014 Historic Fiction Reading Challenge hosted by Ramblings of a Daydreamer. I was to read 1-5 books and I am happy to note that I have read three.

1. The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz
2. Bodyline: The Novel by Paul Wheeler
3. Mille de Scuderi by E.T.A Hoffmann

2. 2014 Rewind Challenge hosted by Coffee Bean Bookshelf. I was to read 12 books that were on my wishlist. I read 18 books.

From Sawdust to Stardust by Terry Lee Rioux
 Kartography by Kamila Shamsie
The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad
To Make the Deaf Hear by S. Irfan Habib
The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz
Bodyline by Philip Derriman
Martyr as Bridegroom by Ishwar Dayal Gaur
The Human Factor by Graham Greene
Prison and Chocolate Cake by Nayantara Sahgal
Up at the Villa by Somerset Maugham
Oil by Upton Sinclair
Ashenden by Somerset Maugham
Almond Eyes Lotus Feet by Sharada Dwivedi and Shalini Devi Holkar
Mille de Scuderi by E.T.A Hoffmann
Green for Danger by Christianna Brand
Rope's End, Rogue's End by E.C.R Lorac
The Fourth Door by Paul Halter
The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

3. Guilty Reads 2014 hosted by Topcho. I was to read 1-5 books. I read 5:

Bhagat Singh aur Unke Saathiyon ke Dastavez (ed) by Jagmohan Singh & Chaman Nahal
Bhagat Singh: The Jail Notebook (ed.) Chaman Nahal
Bhagat Singh: Select Speeches & Writings (ed.) D.N. Gupta
From Sawdust to Stardust by Terry Lee Rioux
To Make the Deaf Hear by S. Irfan Habib

4. Reading Outside the Box hosted @ Musings of a Booklover. I was to read 8-10 books, I read 11 books. Here are the books read:

Classics are the new black – read a classic novelThe Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad

It’s a serial thing – you’ve read the first in a series (or even three of them), it’s time to read another!: The Case of the Man who Died Laughing

Lost in translation – time to read a book that was first written in another language and then translated: Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig

It’s about time! – read a book that has been sitting on your shelf for at least two years! (and haven’t read it yet!) Bodyline: The Cricket War between England and Australia by Philip Derriman

By the numbers – read a book with a Number in the titleNeither Five Nor Three by Helen MacInnes

Weird Science! – read a book that features some form of science – and maybe discover an untapped passion.: Fire Past the Future by Charles Eric Maine

I just love a good Duet – a book written by more than one authorAlmond Eyes Lotus Feet by Sharada Dwivedi and Shalini Devi Holkar

New Guy in Town – read a Debut book written by a new author.: Between Love and Freedom by Nikhil Govind

Almost Human – read a book from the perspective of an animal – or an alien – or a robot! (at least feature an ‘almost human’)

Chunkster-time! – read a book that is longer 500 pages. (Time to dust off War and Peace)Resurrection by Lev Tolstoy

Random Rescue – go to a used book store and RANDOMLY pick a book! (could even be from a grab-bag)

Under-Aged Writer – read a book by an author who is not yet 21. Here's a little help.

Time for exercise – read a book that is set in or around a sport or exercise activity (like yoga or baseball). This can be fiction or nonfiction!Bodyline: The Novel by Paul Wheeler

Make-Believe - This category is just for YOU! (and anyone who wants to try it!) Here is your chance to let others know what would get you outside of your Comfort Zone!: The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes


  1. Well done. That is impressive as well as more books than I have read in my entire life. I am getting old these days so I will bow my head in shame. . . .

    1. Rob...Rob...Rob

      You are a wizard with words while I can only read what others have written. I wish I had your talent. :)

  2. Don't I know it; too many groups jam Jan-Dec 31 and I'm stuck down to the wire! My three run for their second year, from February to February. I thought you might enjoy having a look. Sincerely, Carolyn.

    1. Thanks Carolyn, I am definitely planning to join your mystery challenge.

  3. Well done Neeru - very impressive reading for this year. Hope you have a lovely new year and a great 2015.

    1. Thanks Sergio and I wish you a happy and fruitful 2015 too.

  4. Beautifully done, Neeru! You've done a fantastic job with these challenges. I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Margot. It is always a pleasure to read your comments.

  5. Wow! You were busy last year with your reading. Thanks again for participating in my challenge last year! Have fun with your reads for this year! Happy Reading!

    1. Thanks Kate. Last year was good for reading. Happy Reading to you too.