Sunday, December 18, 2016

Two Recommendations: The Power of the Dog, and Death of My Aunt

One of the best parts of blogging is visiting the blogs of others and thus discovering new authors and books. This year was no different and there are many books that I have added to my wishlist. There were two books, however, that I simply could not resist and wanted to read them at once. Thankfully both were available @ Open Library (Incidentally, if you are feeling generous or are in a philanthropic mood, or have some cash to splurge, plz donate to Open Library. We all need to help maintain The Internet Archive. Thank you :).

But going back to the two books that I could not resist, one was Thomas Savage's The Power of the Dog, a study of cruelty and sadism that I first read about @ Tipping My Fedora (Thank You, Sergio).

This is a story of two brothers, one who is brilliant but brutish and the other who is a plodder but kind; and the woman who comes between them. But it is also a story of repressed emotions and of love that dare not take its name and of lives wasted. I did not enjoy it as much as Sergio did but did find it moving in parts.


First Line: PHIL always did the castrating....
Publication Details: NY: Back Bay Books, 2001.
First Published: 1967
Pages: 308
Source: Open Library


The other book Death of My Aunt is the sort of mystery that I enjoy very much: murder occurring within a family where all the members of the family are suspect and where skeletons tumble out of the family's cupboards. Here it is Aunt Catherine (who holds the purse strings) who passes away and her nephew Malcolm Warren who turns detective in order to solve the murder. I first came to know of the author C.H.B.Kitchin and this book from this delightful review @ Peggy Ann's Post (Thank You, Peggy Ann).

First Line: UNTIL, half-past six, the fifteenth of June was much the same as many other Fridays.
Publication Details: NY: Penguin, 1944
First Published: 1929
Pages: 164
Source: Open Library


So, what are you waiting for? Go read the reviews and borrow the books from Open Library and enjoy yourselves.


  1. Oh, Death of My Aunt certainly sounds like my sort of mystery, too, Neeru! I do like those family secrets, past history, and so on playing their role in crime novels...

    1. I found it pretty entertaining, Margot. I hope you get to read it soon.