Thursday, January 12, 2017

Reading Challenge: Birth Year 2017

One of the challenges that I am excited to have back is the Birth Year Reading Challenge in which we celebrate the birthyear of either ourselves or a loved one by reading the books published in that particular year.

This time round, I am honouring my absolutely wonderful bhuaji (paternal aunt) who recently celebrated her 84th b'day.  So 1933, it is. And some of the books that I might read (not pledging myself to them though):

1. Down and Out in London and Paris by George Orwell.
2. Hag's Nook by J.D. Carr
3. Flush: A Biography by Virginia Woolf
4. Lost Horizons by James Hilton
5. The Hog's Back Mystery by Freeman Wills Crofts

But then I might not read any of the above :) and just read In Quest of the Ashes by my-favourite-cricketer-of-all-time- Douglas Jardine.

 If you too want to celebrate a loved one's birthday, you can light the candles on the cake over here @Hotchpot Cafe.

And yes, everybody  gets a return-gift too.  Our hostess, J.G., is very-very generous.


  1. Welcome and thank you, Neer! I'm glad you're back for another year and I hope your bhuaji enjoys being honored by your reading choices. Maybe she will share a comment or two with us? That would be lovely.

  2. Thanks Jane and I am sure Bhuaji will let out a loud guffaw when I tell her about this. Only once in my life, have I seen her flicking through a book.:)