Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Review: Krantiveer Chandrashekhar Azad aur Unke Do Gadhar Sathi

Krantiveer Chandrashekhar Azad aur Unke Do Gadhar Sathi Krantiveer Chandrashekhar Azad aur Unke Do Gadhar Sathi by Dharmender Goud and S.N. Sharma
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This is actually two-books-in-one. The first part of the book is a biography of the famous Indian revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad who attained martyrdom while fighting with British police in February 1931. For a long time, a debate has raged as to who betrayed the whereabouts of Azad to the police. While Virbhadra Tiwari has usually been seen as a traitor, the second part of the book - which consists of parts of an earlier book by a British secret service agent, Dharmender Goud - points to another man also. According to Goud, it was noted Hindi writer, Yashpal, who too was an informer of the police and had leaked the news of Azad to the police. As I had already read the book by Goud earlier, this was not news to me but since Yashpal is a renowned author whose books are prescribed in Universities and who was also also awarded the Padma Vibhushan by the Govt. of India, these charges should be investigated thoroughly.


First Line: San 1857 ki asafal sainya aur jan-kranti ke baad bhi, Bharat ki janta azadi ke liye sat prayas rat rahi.

Publication: Delhi: Bhagat Singh Vichar manch, 2016
Pages: 224

Source: Bought at WBF, Delhi in 2016.

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  1. This sounds really interesting, Neeru. And if that allegation proves true, it changes a lot.

    1. What I have heard, Margot (and i don't know whether it is true or not)is that the poor author suffered the fate of all Whistle-blowers and had his pension stopped by the governement which is not keen it seems to reveal the facts. So, Yashpal continues to be feted.