Sunday, January 7, 2018

Follow The Clues: My Trail of Evidence

I participated in the Follow the Clues Mystery Challenge @ My Reader's Block and signed up for the Infraction level which meant I was committed to reading six books in a trail of evidence.

Here are the six books:

1. An Old Fashioned Mystery by Runa Fairleigh  - 21/1/17 (The word "Mystery" in the title leads to:

2. The Hog's Back Mystery by Freeman Wills Crofts  - 27/1/17 (The word "Hog" in the title leads to:

3. Hag's Nook by J.D. Carr -3/2/17 (HogHag being a word to describe a way of laughing. You can read its definition at Urban Dictionary over here. This being the first in Carr's series Character Dr. Fell, it leads to:

4. A Man Lay Dead by Ngaio Marsh  - 7/2/17 (as this is Marsh's  first book about her series character, Roderick Alleyn and is a country-house mystery and so it leads to another country-house mystery:

5. What Happened at Hazelwood by Michael Innes  - 3/3/17. (And this being published in 1946 leads to the last entry which was also published in 1946 and that is:

6. Death and the Pleasant Voices by Mary Fitt - 20/4/17


  1. This sounds like a fun challenge, Neeru. I give you credit for the way you continually challenge yourself to read more and different things.