Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reading Challenge

What am I doing signing up for another challenge when I haven't even finished a single one? Well, this challenge is for people like me who do things at the last hour. All you have to do is to read, read, and read in the month of December so that you start with a (comparatively) small pile in the New Year. There will be weekly check-ins and a giveaway too.

Hosted by Loving Books, you can click here for more details:

Sunday 4th December 2011

Well time to take a stock of the year and plan for the month of December.

Signed up for 7 (besides this one) challenges. Haven't completed any so far though some are on the verge of completion.

A-Z: Have read and reviewed 12 out of a total of 26. Read a few others but have to review them. Letters left are: C, E, F,G, H, J, K, O, Q, S, U, W, Y, Z. 14 books in one month. Seems like a tall order.

Birth Year: To read 2 books. Will do it this month.

Borrowed Book: Have read 8 out of 12. Since I am reading a few books borrowed from libraries, this challenge I definitely hope to complete.

Dewey Decimel: The goal was simple. To read 1 non-fiction book. Haven't done it so far. Hope to do it before the year ends.

Mystery and Suspense: Have read and reviewed 6 out of a total of 12. But have read a couple which I need to review, so will be able to finish it.

Off the Shelf: Have read only 2 out of 15. Again seems like a tall order.

Vintage Mystery: 1 book left. Will finish this first.


Selected list of books that have to be read/ reviewed:

1. The Wheel Spins
2. Survivor
3. Freedom Struggle in Indian English Novels
4. The Weavers
5. Oh Shit Not Again!
6. Zero Percentile
7. The American Boy
8. The Yellow Rose and other Stories
9. The Daughter-in-Law.
10. The Sonnet Lover.

Quite a lot to do. So let me go back to the books.

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