Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Their Fate is not the only consideration: Remembering Sukhdev on his birth-anniversary

"Since your compromise you have called off your movement and consequently all of your movement and consequently all of your prisoners have been released. But, what about the revolutionary prisoners? Dozens of Ghadar Party prisoners imprisoned since 1915 are still rotting in jails; in spite of having undergone the full terms of their imprisonments scores of martial law prisoners are still buried in these living tombs, and so are dozens of Babbar Akali prisoners. Deogarh, Kakori, Machhua Bazar and Lahore Conspiracy Case prisoners are amongst those numerous still locked behind bars. More than half a dozen conspiracy trials are going on at Lahore, Delhi, Chittagong, Bombay, Calcutta and elsewhere. Dozens of revolutionaries are absconding and amongst them are many females. More than half a dozen prisoners are actually waiting for their executions. What about all of these people? The three Lahore Conspiracy Case condemned prisoners, who have luckily come into prominence and who have acquired enormous public sympathy, do not form the bulk of the revolutionary party. Their fate is not the only consideration before the party. As a matter of fact their executions are expected to do greater good than the commutation of their sentences...."

Thoughts of a man on his birth anniversary:

Sukhdev: 15th May, 1907 - 23rd March, 1931


  1. Neeru - This is a beautifully done and highly appropriate commemoration. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks a lot Margot. Actually this is a letter that Sukhdev wrote to Gandhi just a few days prior to his execution. I admire the way he says that the Revolutionary party has more on its agenda than simply saving the lives of Sukhdev and his two co-accused. This kind of courage can only arise from a great conviction.

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