Sunday, December 29, 2013

Challenge Complete: Guilty Readings

Nina a.k.a Topcho @ Bla bla bla books hosted a most unusual challenge this year: Guilty Readings that challenged us to read those books lying on our shelves that one way or the other make us feel guilty. I signed up for the second level: Eager for the Challenge and thus had to read 4-6 books. I am very glad to have completed the challenge successfully. At least there are four books off my shelves and I don't have to feel guilty about their lying their unloved and unread.

Here are the books read:

1. Mari by Easterine Kire
2. In Matto's Realm by Friedrich Glauser
3. Bombay Rains Bombay Girls by Anirban Bose

I liked this unusual challenge a lot and would love to participate in it once again.


  1. Hi! I am so glad you enjoyed this challenge and that by the end of the year you are more guilty-free than in the beginning, lol! You did better than me! I really enjoyed checking the books you've read for the challenge. Since I am now even guiltier than last year (shame on me!) I will be hosting the challenge again. I will probably put a post tomorrow and you're more than welcome to join in!
    As for the wrap up post, since I am having some troubles with the linky, you can just put it in the comments of the original post. Thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks Topcho for hosting the challenge. A Happy (and Guilt-free) New Year to you.

  2. Hello again! Forgot to note you, but here is the 2014 edition of the Guilty challenge! I will be very happy to have you playing with us again :D Also, I started one more challenge, you can have a look if you feel like it :)